Interface Developer | Software Programmer | C# Developer | Object Oriented Server Side Developer

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Date Posted: Friday, July 28th, 2017
Job Location: Houston, TX
Pay Rate: Depends on experience
Employment Type: Contract
Job Duration: 7 - 9 months
Required Skills: Interface Developer | Software Programmer | C# Developer | Object Oriented Server Side Developer

Job Description:

Minimum Skills and Experience for Consideration

Object-oriented, server-side programming in C# 2 (or newer) - 5+ years

Unit testing with a library like MBUnit, MS Test, NUnit, or xUnit - 5+ years

Mocking with a library like Moq, NMock, Rhino Mocks, or Microsoft Fakes - 3+ years

In-browser ECMAScript® (JavaScript™) - 3+ years

jQuery / jQuery UI / Knockout.js (or comparable…) - 2+ years

Enterprise-level messaging with a JMS- or AMQP-compliant messaging system - 2+ years

Source code management with Microsoft TFS, Subversion, Perforce, or CVS - 4+ years

Object-relational mapping library such as NHibernate or Code-First Entity Framework - 3+ years

Dependency injection with a library like Autofac, Ninject, StructureMap, or Unity - 3+ years

Preferred Skills and Experience

At least 1+ years of at least three of the skills listed in the Skills section above.

Deliberate practice with knockout.js

A well-defined philosophy of OOD spanning concerns from class- to system-level construction

An understanding of using ReST for building an application and a provable ability to explain that understanding

Familiarity with the URI, JSON, HTTP/1.1, WebSocket, and URI Template specifications

Previous work experience participating in an iterative, test-driven, pair-programming environment

Working knowledge of cross-browser development issues targeting Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox

Deliberate practice with ASP.NET SignalR

A conversant knowledge of OOD patterns including the “Gang of Four” patterns and Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise

Application Architecture

Some practical awareness of the SOLID Principles of object-oriented programming

One year of professional Python programming experience

Experience developing software for energy-related industries

About Sierra Infosys INC:

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Posted by:

Sierra Infosys INC
6001 Savoy Dr Suite # 210
Houston, TX 77036

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