PHP Software Engineer

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Date Posted: Friday, October 20th, 2017
Job Location: San Diego, CA
Pay Rate: Competitive
Employment Type: Full-time
Job Duration: Permanent
Required Skills: LAMP, PHP, MYSQL, ZEND, CSS, HTML, OOP, Apache, JavaScript, JQuery

Job Description:

Job Description

Kforce has a fulltime opportunity out of San Diego, CA as a PHP Software Engineer for a fast growing Biotechnology Company. As the new PHP Software Engineer, this resource will be responsible for developing and implementing of the business applications. The ideal candidate will be creating and updating code works to develop system applications.

Take a look at a typical day at the office:
* Work with project team to define user requirements
* Work with software quality assurance team to test and refine implemented features
* Troubleshoot and fix production bugs and issues
* Follow code development guidelines and workflows
* Document systems and processes
* Write and maintain unit tests
* Configure application servers such as Apache, Tomcat and RabbitMQ
* Deploy of code to development, test, and production servers as needed

Maintenance and development of:
* Internal PHP web sites and software
* SQL tables, views, queries, functions, procedures
* Internal and external APIs

* B.S. in Computer Science (or equivalent)
* 3+ years of related work experience
* 2+ years of PHP frameworks such as Zend, Cake, Symfony, Laravel
* 3+ years experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript
* 3+ years experience working with SQL databases, joins, complex queries
* 3+ years experience with MVC and OOP frameworks and design patterns
* 3+ years experience with Development Operations

Experience with:
* RESTful APIs
* Unit testing, Test Driven Design
* Continuous integration
* Scripting language such as bash, perl, python
* Source control systems such as git or SVN

Posted by:

Kforce Inc
1001 E. Palm Ave.
Tampa, FL 33605

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