Java Developer

Applied: No

Date Posted: Wednesday, November 1st, 2017
Job Location: Chicago, IL
Pay Rate: Market
Employment Type: Full-time
Job Duration: Permanent
Required Skills: Java, C++, Linux, Unix, STL, SQL, Eclipse, Tomcat, Spring, Hibernate, Data Structures, Multi-threading, Algorithmic Complexity, Software Developer

Job Description:

The selected Java / C++ Developer candidates will join one of the best teams of its kind with an excellent reputation in the industry for staying current with technology, and providing opportunities for professional growth. The team members are bright, forward thinking successful problem solvers with excellent depth of technical knowledge.

Specifically the selected Senior LINUX or UNIX Java / C++ Developer candidate will join a quickly growing team in the development of a new web and Client Server products that are targeted for Beta launch within an aggressive time-frame. An experienced hands-on Java / C++ developer who has experience and is willing to find a path to success by researching and recommending alternatives when faced with challenging situations, or work in a client server environment providing industry-leading and innovative solutions powered by the most comprehensive, timely and accurate data in the world.

Qualified Senior Java / C++ Developer candidates under LINUX or a UNIX based OS, with a minimum of three years, ideally senior level development experience as both a Java Developer and as a C++ Developer, LINUX or a UNIX based OS, ideally also with some combination of a strong knowledge of object oriented design, experience in database, SQL, stored procedures, JSP, JDBC, Spring/Hibernate, Tomcat, CORBA, Eclipse and SVN. Ideally also with strong Data Structures, STL, Algorithmic Complexities and multi-threaded systems, bright candidates with a Bachelor's in Computer Science or closely related field, ideally a Masters or Doctorate PhD degree.

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