Systems Administrator - (RedHat Linux)

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Date Posted: Friday, November 3rd, 2017
Job Location: Orlando, FL
Pay Rate: $42/hr on W-2 (No 1099 / C2C)
Employment Type: Contract
Job Duration: 4 - 6 months

Job Description:

Title: Systems Administrator - (RedHat Linux)

Duration: 3 Months (with the possibility of extension)

Location: Orlando, FL

Pay rate will be $42/hr on W-2 (No 1099 / C2C)

Server Administrator's role is to design, install, administer, troubleshoot, and optimize servers and related components to chieve high performance of various game development applications and storage supported by deploying and tuning the servers as necessary.

This includes ensuring the availability of client/server applications, configuring all new implementations, and developing processes and procedures for ongoing management of the server environment.

Where applicable, the Server Administrator will assist in overseeing the physical security, integrity, and safety of the data center/server farm.

5+ years of experience as a System Engineer or Systems Administrator

Required Skills:

- Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems or equivalent experience

- Strong understanding of server and storage hardware, operating systems (UNIX and MSFT), applications, development consoles, server administration, storage and networking.

- Experience supporting and a strong understanding of software development practices and culture.

- Build and maintain pro active relationships with studio senior technical leads, executives, and IT team members.

- Strong Server OS background: RHEL/CENTOS 4,5,6 or strong experience in comparable Linux distribution with interest in learning RHEL; must have experience integrating with Windows 2003/2008 systems;

- Strong Windows Server experience a plus

- Experience with Dell or Client servers;

- Experience supporting systems remotely

- Experience with LAMP systems; MySQL or MS SQL or other server based DBs;

Apache Web Server, IIS, Tomcat or JBOSS or Jetty,Java Applications

- Knowledge of enterprise and user administrative and management tools including Active Directory and MS DNS, and OpenLDAP/Krbor NIS

- Knowledge of enterprise and user administrative and management of Perforce a plus;

- Experience maintaining SVN/CVS/GIT also a plus

- Knowledge of enterprise and user administrative and management of NetApp a plus;

- Creating volumes, CIFS Shares, NFS Shares, LUNs

- Advanced networking capabilities and troubleshooting experience with network hardware, Vlans, sub netting and routing.

- Working experience with Cisco switches, routers and access points preferred.

- Basic understanding of server virtualization technologies, knowledge and experience with VMWare ESX or Redhat Xen or KVM required; must have experience deploying/troubleshooting a multiple VM environment.

- Strong day-to-day understanding of core network protocols/concepts: TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, DHCP, VPN's, ACL's, Firewalls, WLAN and LAN

- Strong understanding of development pipelines including build process submittal/request, data paths, build output repositories,and build delivery mechanisms;

- Experience supporting Buildforge a plus.

- Experience integrating Linux and Windows systems with storage backend systems required; CIFS and NFS, Fiber and/or iSCSI

- Recent experience in 100+ server production environments

Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems or equivalent experience

Posted by:

Everest Consultants, Inc.
1500 NW Bethany Blvd.
Suite 235
Beaverton, OR 97006

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