Software Architect / Software Policy Compliance And Reporting

Applied: No

Date Posted: Wednesday, September 5th, 2018
Job Location: Santa Clara, CA
Pay Rate: Market
Employment Type: Full-time
Job Duration: Permanent
Required Skills: software architect developer CI Tools IP scan tools C C++ Java C# Purify BoundsChecker scripting python IP Scanning Black duck Palamida policy open source code quality processes releases compliance

Job Description:

Job Description

Our Fortune 500 client is looking for a Software Architect / Developer who will act as the Engineering Process Engineer - Santa Clara, CA

Short Job Description
This position requires no development but rather policy enforcement for compliance to software application development programs for sucessful releases. Understanding the structure and flow of IP Scan tools to address IP concerns with using Open Source Code


The Engineering Process Engineer will be responsible for policy enforcement activities on software application development to ensure compliance to the Open Source Code policy. Status on compliance is an integral part of software product development reporting and must be included as part of the development program as a gating requirement for a successful release. Failure to comply with this requirement is not an option and
must be addressed accordingly throughout the development lifecycle.

The Engineering Process Engineer is responsible for software intellectual property and source code dynamic analysis required for new software development application introductions.

Responsibilities include:

1) Software Intellectual Property Management a. Understanding the structure and flow of IP Scan tools to address IP concerns with using Open Source Code b. Ability to identify IP issues in source code based on scan results and report those issues back to the development teams c. Work closely with Software Development teams to enforce IP Policies and Procedures d. Work Directly with Scan.

Tool Vendor on maintenance and upgrades

2) Source Code Dynamic Analysis a. Identify analysis tool software to be used for Dynamic Analysis b. Understand the structure and flow of Dynamic Source Code analysis tools c. Ability to identify quality issues and security concerns in source code based on scan results and report those issues back to the development teams d. Work closely with Software Development teams to establish and enforce Quality Processes, Policies and Procedures e. Work directly with Source Code Analysis Vendor on maintenance and upgrades.


* Requires 5+ years of hands-on experience in the Software Development Policies, Processes and Procedures

• Requires 2+ years of hands-on experience in Software Development Program Management

• Preferred - knowledge using IP Scanning tools similar to Palamida or Black Duck

• Preferred - knowledge using Dynamic Source Code Analysis tools, e.g. Purify or BoundsChecker

• Exposure to Open Source Software license and compliance

• Must have experience using C/C++, Java and/or C#

* Must have Python / Shell scripting skills

• Must be familiar with Jenkins or other CI Tools

Posted by:

Tan Check Consolidated, Inc.
13 Summit Square Center
Langhorne, PA 19047

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