Senior Frontend Engineer

Applied: No

Date Posted: Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
Job Location: Sacramento, CA
Pay Rate: Market rates
Employment Type: Full-time
Job Duration: Permanent
Required Skills: Angular JS, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Job Description:

We're interviewing skilled engineers to join our team and build the front end web app that runs over our RESTful infrastructure.

Looking to add someone eager to tackle some of the most challenging problems associated with UX and the limits of what is possible with one page apps. You'll be exposed to the unique challenges that come from developing great user experiences over web, responsive mobile, and mobile apps.

• Build new features from scratch (designing architecture through deploying functioning services & tools).
• Own/operate/maintain features across all development environments including production.
• Build front-end technologies using open source software.
• Write quality, maintainable code with extensive test coverage .
• Mentor junior engineers.
• Lead code & infrastructure reviews.

• Technical Leadership - We're a small but growing team of dedicated engineers. Must be able to influence and garner respect across engineering from tech leads to architects.
• AngularJS - Our is front-end is written in AngularJS so you must have experience in this area. We value good object oriented and functional design.
• Javascript - You should consider yourself a skilled JS engineer. If you already know who Douglas Crockford is and have an opinion about his approach, this is the right position for you.
• Agile - Ability to ship excellent software quickly & frequently.
• Passionate. Persistent. Creative.

Bonus points:
• Experience with:
- Scaling apps to a large number of concurrent users.
- Video - Our application makes use of plenty of video which our users love. If you know video in the browser, that's a big plus.
- Grunt, bower, npm and the usual suspects for configuring and building front-end apps.
• Love semantic data, pizza, sushi, & good beer.
• Contribute to or maintain an open source project.

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