Senior Software Developer - Fixed Income Trading (STP)

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Date Posted: Friday, July 3rd, 2015
Job Location: New York, NY
Pay Rate: 180000
Employment Type: Full-time
Job Duration: Permanent
Required Skills: C++ on UNIX, object oriented design, multithreading, and data structures

Job Description:

Senior Software Developer - Fixed Income Trading (STP)
New York, NY - USA

The Role:
Fixed Income Trading is the world's largest and most widely used fixed income trading platform, providing liquidity, trading functionality, and straight-through processing across all fixed income asset classes including cash bonds, repos, money markets, interest rate and credit derivatives, mortgages, and municipal bonds.
BSTP is growing rapidly, and we are looking for talented engineers to build out our exciting new products. BSTP's mission is to provide our clients services to streamline trade settlement. For example, Confirmation Matching is a new service we will offer to provide competition in the world's fund allocation management industry. Our participation in the industry will not only lead to lower costs for our clients but will improve the efficiency of the industry as a whole. Additional products that we are also offering include collateral monitoring, fail management, and margin reconciliation.
BTSP is looking for a senior engineer who has the code-writing and problem solving capabilities to solve challenges in the financial trading space. Additionally, we are looking for curious, savvy developers to innovate in an emerging industry. Our developers must demonstrate a willingness to jump into any type of assignment. If you are a developer who likes to build new products from scratch, this team would be a great fit.
BSTP believes in using the right technologies to solve the right problems. We are keen to adopt open source standards and tools. For instance, Solr helps us query our trade data for efficient metrics and reporting.

8+ years of professional experience with C++ on UNIX
Demonstrated professional knowledge of object oriented design, multithreading, and data structures
Strong communication skills is a must
Knowledge of financial markets is a plus
Knowledge of scripting languages such as Python is a plus
Experience with FIX/Swift is a plus

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