Senior Software Developer - Fixed Income Trading (Cash)

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Date Posted: Friday, July 3rd, 2015
Job Location: New York, NY
Pay Rate: 180000
Employment Type: Full-time
Job Duration: Permanent
Required Skills: algorithms, object oriented programming, c++, python, javascript, SQL database , Linu/Unix

Job Description:

Senior Software Developer - Fixed Income Trading (Cash)
New York, NY - USA

The Role:
Fixed Income Trading is the world's largest and most widely used fixed income trading platform, providing liquidity, trading functionality, and straight-through processing across all fixed income asset classes including cash bonds, repos, money markets, interest rate and credit derivatives, mortgages, and municipal bonds.
Fixed Income Trading R&D is seeking passionate, innovative and motivated engineer to join our team.
With market participants looking for deep and efficient pools of liquidity as well as regulators pushing for greater transparency of the trading activities, trading Fixed Income securities has been migrating towards an electronic trading marketplace. Liquidity diversity, automation and speed, as well as stability are the important aspects of a successful trading platform. To stay as a market leader in this competitive market, we need to continue to innovate and improve our trading systems. Our platform offers a wide range of trading venue/protocols - e.g. Request for Quote, Dark Pool, Order Book, Algorithm trading - covering a diverse set of global instruments, namely US Treasuries, Europe and Asian Sovereign Bonds, Corporate Bonds as well as Swaps. Portfolio managers on buy-side and dealers on sell-side connect to our platform using standard financial messaging protocol, e.g. FIX.
We partner with our clients and business stakeholders to innovate and evolve our market leading electronic trading platforms. We are responsible for designing and developing these trading platforms as well as managing the infrastructure behind. These platforms have rich user interfaces which are powered by low latency distributed application services. We are looking for software engineers who would be interested in developing such applications and provide efficient, scalable and agile solutions to interesting technical and business problems.
Engineers will work on multi-threaded & distributed services which have high transaction rates. They will be involved in technical system design & data modeling, all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle, and provide end to end solutions to business problems in collaboration with business partners.

8+ years of professional Software Development experience with demonstrated understanding of Algorithms and Data Structures, Object Oriented programming with strong Analytical and Problem Solving Skills.
Experience programming in any Object Oriented programming language and willingness to work in C++
Previous experience with working on low-latency applications is a plus
Knowledge of Financial markets is a plus
Experience in any interpreted or scripting language like JavaScript or Python is a plus
Experience with a SQL database is a plus
Proficiency in basic Linux/Unix Commands
Experience with tools like JIRA, Phabricator, Splunk, GIT is a plus

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