About Static Jobs

About Static Jobs

Static Jobs is a traditional job board connecting employers with computer professionals in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We're targeting these countries only at this time and all our job postings are limited to web design, business analysis, quality assurance, IT and hardware and software engineering.

Our company name stems from the static keyword found in several programming languages such as C++, C# and Java. Computer programmers know about static functions, static variables and even static classes in these programming languages... So this is how we came up with Static Jobs.

Static Jobs LLC was founded in late 2014 in NYC. We intend to keep this website fast and simple in the spirit of Google. Please, check us out! We're going back to the basics!

Now, please, read our message to employers or job seekers depending on who you are.
The important stuff is there.

Our Message to Employers

Employers, a lot of competing job boards don't realize the burden they're putting on job seekers' shoulders. Some job boards require registration or a whole bunch of fields to fill out just to submit a resume. Others ask job seekers to copy and paste your email address which is also tedious. To make matters worse, many of you direct job seekers to yet another website and, if you think about it, nobody wants to create a profile on your website or answer all your questions such as home address, phone number, education, social network profiles, how they heard about you or even previous employment history and... not to hear from you.

Please, don't think it's just five minutes because you're not the only employer a job seeker wants to apply to and there are plenty of such websites or applicant tracking systems on the Internet. A job seeker cannot physically hop from a website to a website because it's tedious and inefficient.

Put yourself in a typical job seeker's place. To find a job, he or she has to quickly submit his or her resume to as many employers as possible. Few job seekers are willing to provide answers that can be readily found on their resumes and it's your job to get that resume and ask any additional questions over the phone or during an interview. (That's what an interview is there for! Don't try to squeeze everything into that application form!)

Please, understand, the more effort is required of job seekers to submit a resume, the less likely they will be inclined to apply. If you want too much, you'll get fewer, or even no, resumes. Needless to say, you'll waste your money too. By the way, we're not trying to be rude. We're alerting you to the problems job seekers face. Therefore, please, be considerate of job seekers.

Given the observation above, we made it very easy for you to post jobs and even easier for job seekers to apply. No registration is required and we ask only a few basic questions. Anyone can apply and we've had job seekers literally machine-gunning resumes from our website but you need to see it for yourself to believe it. Please, apply for this sample job twice to see what we mean and, know, we help you solve a problem by offering a reasonable compromise between what you want and what job seekers want and by removing tediousness from job seekers' shoulders!

Our Message to Job Seekers

Job seekers, we're your fellow software developers and are aware of all the problems with competing job boards and job postings you can think of. Some employers want you to answer every possible question upon submitting your resume, i.e. your work authorization status, availability date, home address, phone number, education, social network profiles or even previous employment history. Many employers don't disclose salary range. Then there are job boards that allow anonymous job postings. Furthermore, those job boards ask you to copy and paste an "apply to" email address, a slow and tedious procedure you have to follow for every job posting you're interested in.

Those job boards and applicant tracking systems cater to employers because they pay money and completely forget about you. They don't realize that what's convenient for employers may not be convenient for job seekers. Why should you answer every possible question or jump from a website to a website? You're only submitting your resume! The job poster can get in touch with you if your resume interests him or her and the rest both of you can take from there. You don't have to spend a lot of time submitting your resume and... not hearing from the job poster! We're sure you know it happens.

Submitting a resume shouldn't be unnecessarily difficult or tedious. Find a job, submit your resume and move on to the next job! That's why we came up with a neat feature to make you more efficient. When applying for a job, check off "Save input fields" to save your application information locally. Your name, email address and cover letter will be saved in local storage and, if your cover letter is generic enough, you'll save a few keystrokes when applying for another job.

Please, remember, we cater to you because we're ordinary programmers who also got sick and tired of the mess in the hiring industry. Meanwhile, try applying for this sample job twice to see how easy it is to submit your resume from our website and tell your friends and co-workers about us. With your help, we'll be able to influence and educate employers!

P.S. Employers, if you're reading this, although we just said we cater to job seekers, we really help both parties solve a problem.